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My Bookmarks - Beta

Sign up for Wikimarks, and set up your own search engine!
  • What is Wikimarks?
Wikimarks is a new service allowing you to set up and manage your search engine so as to perform searches on social network and bookmarking accounts (twitter, delicious, ...). A big advantage is that your customized search engine won't have its results overwhelmed by spam links. All links are relevant.
  • How to use Wikimarks?
First, you must set up your Wikimarks account. Then, sign in to your account, and add the social network and bookmarking accounts that you are interested in. Wikimarks searches for web links on those accounts, and found links are subsequently indexed. You can then perform a search on the contents corresponding to these links. Afterwards, your search engine is updated several times a day. New: It is now possible to add, not only accounts as it has always been, but also groups of pages labelled by a tag of your choice.
  • What social network or bookmarking accounts, or what file format, does Wikimarks support?
For the time being:
    • Delicious
    • Twitter
    • RSS feeds
    • OPML files (used for instance by Netvibes, Google Reader, etc.)
Support may be extended with the time.
  • What can I use Wikimarks for?
There are many possibilities to use Wikimarks. It just depends on what you actually need. Try to find out your own way of using Wikimarks, according to your specific needs. You'll find below just but a few examples: Invent your own uses! More info on our blog.